Emily Ross Bespoke works with some of Australia's most visionary businesses – from new start-ups and creative retailers through to ASX/NASDAQ-listed leadership teams, private companies and non-profit foundations. Before establishing her consultancy in 2007, she was a best-selling business journalist, author and media trainer.
My work centres around marketing, communications, critical relationshipsand business strategy consulting.Emily Ross Bespoke works on a portfolio of writing, media training, workshops, website/video production, digital content and strategy for the public and private sector.For larger projects, I collaborate with stakeholder relations expert Patricia Edwards, creative director Alex Warder, design agency The Company You Keep, Studio SPGD, digital guru Gary Cookson at 21/21, cameraman Ron Dorre, director Charlie Ford and stakeholder relations expert Tony Gray.
Clients typically pay an hourly rate for services. Emily Ross also has several equity partnerships as well as long-term pro bono arrangements with the National Justice project.
Emily Ross Bespoke has worked with clients including:
Emily Ross Bespoke is a proud pro bono supporter of the
Plus there are a whole lot of "secret squirrel"clients and projects I can't talk about.
Recent Projects
Clients: Leading architectural firms, arts/cultural organsations, property sector Emily Ross Bespoke delivers tailored workshops to a range of clients across many business sectors. She has a specialist interest in delivering workshops for architecture firms, supporting directors, boards and principals to come together to discuss marketing strategy and competitor analysis in relation to mainstream media, social media as well as stakeholder engagement and market positioning. She also supports creative industries to prepare for major launches, media events, conferences and presentations, ensuring that the business, brand and people are perfectly positioned in the market.
Client: GovernmentEmily Ross Bespoke delivered strategic communications, content strategy, copywriting, editing, report 'panel beating' and other editorial services to the Victorian Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability across the five-year cycle of the production of the Victorian State of the Environment 2023 Report. This report is Victoria’s five-yearly report card on the condition of the environment. A milestone environmental report for Victoria, SoE 2023 aligns the 139 indicators with 76 SDG targets and reports on progress against those targets. It includes 15 recommendations and tracks progress against the recommendations from the SoE 2018 Report.
Client: Industrial sectorIn collaboration with leading Melbourne design firm Ortolan, Emily Ross Bespoke delivered a range of report writing services, information graphics and scriptwriting for the Laminex Positive Progress Sustainability Report. The report outlines Laminex’s progress in meeting (and exceeding) its sustainability targets. The collaboration began at the very rough draft stage all the way through to final report and final script edits. I worked through a series of drafts and focused on aligning the report to its larger sustainability strategy ensuring consistency with key messaging, translating as much as possible into reader entry points and infographics as well as working to differentiate the Laminex approach from the myriad of sustainability reports out there in the corporate landscape.
Clients: Federal and state governments, healthcare, financial services, ASX-listedI have built a reputation as a 'report doula', often taking on major reports that need a lot of panel beating and surgery to get them into shape, often on a super tight deadline. I love working on these documents, the bigger the better, getting them into shape, working closely with all collaborators to get the job done. I am able to offer my clients ususual working hours, oftem in different timezones which can accelerate the production process and make up for lost time. Where needed, I have a team that can add on to the project to get the job done even more efficiently. No matter what shape the report is in, send it to me and we will get cracking with minimum meetings and hand holding.
Clients: Arts, consulting, sustainability, engineering and consultingI produce a range of capability documents for my clients. These documents, which I have done for sectors including retail, fine arts, consulting and sustainability services, give the potential customer a personal overview of the business, key services and pricing structures. The goal of the capability document is to win the business, plain and simple. Once it is designed and complete, it allows my clients to follow up immediately on business opportunities with a compelling, on brand pitch document.
Clients: The whole gamut of industryEmily Ross Bespoke supports clients to create compelling workshops, presentations, online seminars and panel sessions. My method allows for clients to sit back and do the big thinking while I work on getting all the deliverables into shape. We collaborate closely on the exact tone of the event/experience, create the structures, running sheets, words, slides and any other relevant content. We often also do rehearsals and run throughs to ensure that the event, speech, presentation or workshop goes like clockwork, with my client(s) getting “into the zone” when presenting and being positioned exactly where they need to be.
Clients: RetailIn 2024, Emily Ross Bespoke has delivered workshops to retail staff on topics including dealing with difficult customers and updating staff around new WorkCover laws in relation to psychosocial safety. The workshops are designed to be fun and informative and not a drainer for participants.  It's time for tea, pastries and a discussion about support networks, safety protocols and workplace wellbeing. The workshops include exercises, role plays and some pretty funny TikTok videos. Outcomes include a report to business owners with simple, tangible changes that can be made to ensure that the business offers its staff a psychosocially safe workplace and supports staff to be able to thrive at work.
Clients: Arts, NGOs, property, architecture, creativesA range of media training workshops for clients in the arts, property, architecture and design sectors in preparation for major announcements including complex changes of ownership structures, product launches and major deals as well as preparation for negative story angles and other crisis media services. Involves key messaging, content strategy and highly sensitive internal/external stakeholder issues.
Clients: Fashion, Corporate, Finance, SMEs, FMCGYou would be amazed how many of my successful clients have never had a CV, so when a really great opportunity comes along, they are faced with the daunting task of creating a CV from scratch as well as getting the cover letter pitch just right. Emily Ross Bespoke developed a unique CV template with the HR lead of a major ASX-listed company and it is used as a basis for these ‘from scratch CVs’. My CV templates are very unlike most CVs in terms of content and chronology. They are designed for headhunters, boards, management teams and HR specialists to be able to get an immediate, at-a-glance sense of the candidate. Cover letters are carefully designed to match up with the requirements of the role, short, sweet with a sniper line to seal the deal.
Clients: Government, NGOs, philanthropyEmily Ross Bespoke writes speeches and opinion pieces for a range of clients in sectors including government, educational, philanthropy, environment and social justice. My goal is to work as efficiently as possible for my often time-poor clients – they download their ideas and key messages and I set to work on the structure and flow of the speech. I also often work with scripts and speeches that have been overworked my communications teams and/or boards, to breathe life and authenticity back into the speech. Typically, my speechwriting services include virtual run throughs and rehearsals to ensure that the speech is delivered with polish, energy and intent.
Clients: Hospitality, interior design, architectureWebsite copywriting for wonderful, cool graphic design studios. They devise gorgeous looking websites and then I get creative, do lots of international benchmarking and then set to work telling the story with the least amount of words possible. I typically work straight into Adobe to save my clients time. Website sector specialties include hospitality, architecture, IT, professional services, art, sustainability and philanthropic websites.
Clients: The whole gamut from investment bankers, company directors and lawyers to writers, arts curators, people on Sabbatical through to the founder of a natural funeral company.   Emily Ross Bespoke continues to deliver Values Sessions with a diverse range of people looking to step back and consider where they are and where they want to go. The session (online or in person) takes 3.5-4 hours and is followed up with a detailed written report. The session allows people to consider what is important to them away from the influence of family, friends, professional peers and other self-interested stakeholders in life. Once the values are defined we work together to articulate how we live these values in our lifes. It’s all very well to say a key value is health or family happiness, but how does that look in your life. This is where we do the work!
Emily Ross Bespoke was the editorial partner for the 2021 ANZ Australian Financial Wellbeing survey and the 2021 New Zealand Financial Wellbeing Survey. She collaborated with ANZ’s Financial Inclusion Team, ERD Design and a range of leading researchers and steering committee members over the lifecycle of the process to launch day on December 4, 2021.
LinkedIn “whispering” for range of clients looking to boost visibility, position themselves for new board and executive roles. Has also included Linkedin posts and articles, detailed [highly sensitive] CVs for senior positions and associated career coaching and stakeholder engagement to ensure ideal professional positioning.
Emily discusses her groundbreaking Values process with Eden Londner on the new Spotify podcast The Lotus Pod. Find out why she created this process for her clients and hear how CEOs, company directors, entrepreneurs, young students, creatives, designers and architects are using the Values Process in all parts of life.
Media training to ensure match fitness for any media encounter. Sectors including property, FMCG, law, startups and financial services. Highly tailored session with Chair, CEO and C-suite to identify key messages, run through practice interviews and ensure the entire executive team is crystal clear of their media strategy. Designed to boost skills in all aspects of stakeholder communications.
Pitch decks for a range of start ups. Taking a basic pitch deck and injecting it with best-practice creative direction, content and strategic messaging to ensure that the client and its product/service is positioned where it needs to be. Often clients are so sick of the deck that they cannot go the extra mile. That’s what I’m here for!
A range of strategic communications for the Victorian Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability including Royal Commission submission on Air Quality (editing and content); a range of detailed presentations centred on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Zoom conferences, report editing and related content.
Design and delivery of Team Building workshops for SMEs in retail, communications and property sectors. These half-day sessions are carefully designed to encourage open conversations about the business; address key issues and allow a productive space to ensure all the team is on the same page. It is also a great way to brief staff on major business developments, clarify the mission/purpose of the business and get the team super motivated about the work ahead.
Brand workshop to develop BRAND CHARACTER, STRATEGY and CREATIVE DIRECTION for clients. In collaboration with Studio IAMALEXWARDER.
Sessions include:
Brand pillars
Stakeholder brand analysis
Mission statement
Competitor analysis
Case studies
Logo Color, Form, Structure, Functionalty
Next steps
Recent CEO feedback:
“Thank you for a brilliant session.” - May 2021.
New workshop for clients needing to take their camera skills to the next level. Ideal for company videos, webinars, results presentations, YouTubing and all other essential business communications. We look at cutaways, down the barrel, interview style, individual and group shots. Work on strengths, weaknesses and getting to know your on-camera style. Works well having c-suite groups/teams for an hour to run through the basics, then break out for one-on-one quality time with the camera.
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