Articulate your brand, tell your story and reach your markets
Coaching is a powerful way to transform the way you work and live. With my clients, we work together to make lasting, positive changes. Let’s start where you are…
Everyone needs a wordsmith, whether it is for a critical email, a pitch in Paris Digital Content or to ghostwrite a whole book. Words matter
Create and deliver authentic, highly effective content. Key platforms I work with include:
One of the most important executive tools is your bio and Linkedin summary. Let’s map out a strategy.
Media performance matters. I work one on one, in teams and through workshops to take you/your team to the next level with media performance. The goal is match fit, prepared, in control, especially in a crisis.
Emily Ross Bespoke supports Hagar and the Centre for Sustainability Leadership
You are not in business without engaged social media tribes. Let’s start building them.
Preparation is the key. Let’s save the world from boring speeches together. Let’s get cracking on your next speech and take things to the next level.
Stakeholder strategy is complex. It’s about timing, planning and integration. Trusted, experienced unbiased advice is what you need.
Emily Ross Bespoke values sessions are designed as a response to clients struggling to align values with work and life. When we get far away from our values, we can feel lost and off course. The 90-minute session works to identify top 5 values in work/life and then establish how these values can be better ‘lived’ in work and life. The session also identifies and prioritises tasks to better align values to behaviours.
Good media performance is not about spin. It is about preparation, great content, authenticity and the ability to communicate simply and effectively