Emily Ross Bespoke works with clients to get the job done.
Speeches, media training, new website content, big pitches, scripts, interviews, reports, newsletters, posts …
Media training to ensure match fitness for any media encounter. Sectors including property, FMCG, law, startups and financial services. Highly tailored session with Chair, CEO and C-suite to identify key messages, run through practice interviews and ensure the entire executive team is crystal clear of their media strategy. Designed to boost skills in all aspects of stakeholder communications.
Pitch decks for a range of start ups. Taking a basic pitch deck and injecting it with best-practice creative direction, content and strategic messaging to ensure that the client and its product/service is positioned where it needs to be. Often clients are so sick of the deck that they cannot go the extra mile. That’s what I’m here for!
A range of strategic communications for the Victorian Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability including Royal Commission submission on Air Quality (editing and content); a range of detailed presentations centred on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Zoom conferences, report editing and related content.
Design and delivery of Team Building workshops for SMEs in retail, communications and property sectors. These half-day sessions are carefully designed to encourage open conversations about the business; address key issues and allow a productive space to ensure all the team is on the same page. It is also a great way to brief staff on major business developments, clarify the mission/purpose of the business and get the team super motivated about the work ahead.
Brand workshop to develop BRAND CHARACTER, STRATEGY and CREATIVE DIRECTION for clients. In collaboration with Studio IAMALEXWARDER.
Sessions include:
Brand pillars
Stakeholder brand analysis
Mission statement
Competitor analysis
Case studies
Logo Color, Form, Structure, Functionalty
Next steps
Recent CEO feedback. “Thank you for a brilliant session.” May 2021.
New workshop for clients needing to take their camera skills to the next level. Ideal for company videos, webinars, results presentations, YouTubing and all other essential business communications. We look at cutaways, down the barrel, interview style, individual and group shots. Work on strengths, weaknesses and getting to know your on-camera style. Works well having c-suite groups/teams for an hour to run through the basics, then break out for one-on-one quality time with the camera.
New website for Notable Media. Notable Media is a leading social media strategy and training company. Emily Ross Bespoke developed content, coordinated photoshoot, art direction and production with Iamalexwarder and digital partner Studio SPGD.Client: Notable Media
Presentations, speeches, editorial, case study content and tender documents for a range of businesses including interior design firms, architecture firms, property, financial services, biotechnology, ASX-listed start ups and professional services.Clients: Doherty Design Studio, Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability, Terragen, ANZ, Eastern Health, Cabrini, DELWP, Van Bercken, Communications Collective, Contiki Holidays.
Linkedin profiles for a range of CEOs, company directors, job seekers (at every stage in their careers), creatives, entrepreneurs, young graduates, self-employed, NGOs and executives. Due to the high ranking of Linkedin profiles on Google, this is the first task that I undertake with clients wishing to better position themselves in their markets.Clients: too many to name! Email me and I will send through a selection for your review.
Getting camera fit for series of TV appearances/video production.Clients: Leading foodies like @danivalent, chefs, CEOs, agents etc.
Messaging and camera skills for Broadsheet and a Victorian State Government video series.Client: Minamishima (top Melbourne restaurant – gotta eat there!)
Media training and key messaging for property, healthcare, retail and financial services sectors.
Major financial wellbeing report including two 50pp reports, editorial, communications strategy, animation scripting and infographics development.Client: Financial services
Revamp and message development for investor presentationsClient: ASX-listed companies
Annual reportClient: Australian NGO
NEW WEBSITES using high performing, responsive, mobile-friendly Wordpress templates.Clients: SMEs, architects, art galleries, retailers, financial services
Strategic content, vision & values, mission statement, strategic content, training and coaching.Client: Major Australians philanthropic foundation
Linked In biographies for senior leadership teams, CEOs, company directors and all professional types.Client: All sectors
Media training and on-camera workshops for a range of executive teams in the public and private sector.Client: Management consulting, NGOS, property…
Fresh content for pitches, deals, licensing arrangements and company matters.