Here are some of the thought leaders that inspire my VALUES work.
Tara BrachPh.D, psychologist, author and teacher and founder of the Insight Meditation Community inWashington.
Dr Edith EgerClinical Psychologist and author
Daniel GolemanEQ specialist and author of Emotional Intelligence
Daniel KahnemanNobel Prize-winning author of Thinking Fast Thinking Slow
Byron Katie Creator of The Work and The Four Questions
Shannah KennedyCoach and bestselling author of The Life Plan
Don Miguel RuizTeacher and author of the Four Agreements
Cal NewportTechnology and culture specialist, and a computer science professional at Georgetown University.Author of Deep Work and Digital Minimalism
Michael SingerAuthor of The Untethered Soul
Emily Ross Bespoke values sessions are designed as a response to clients struggling to align values with work and life. When we get far away from our values, we can feel lost and off course. The three-hour session works to identify critical values across work/life and then establish how these values can be better ‘lived’ in work and life. The session also identifies and prioritises tasks to better align values to behaviours.
“Values are the fundamental component of our psychological make-up and our identity. We are defined by what we choose to find important in our lives. We are defined by our prioritisations.” Mark Manson
Our values are constantly reflected in the way we choose to behave. You are what you value.
Session outcomes: Identify your unique top 5 values. Clarity around why these values are important to you. Detailed strategies, tasks, rituals, routines and plans to better align life/work to those values. A clearer definition of what is important to you. A review of values that are ‘missing’ that might be needed to reach your goals. Closer connection to your values. A detailed written Values report.
The values that Emily Ross Bespoke works with are aligned with Mark Manson’s definition of values: Good values are:1. Evidence-based2. Constructive3. Controllable Bad values are:1. Emotion-based2. Destructive3. Uncontrollable Email me to find out more and book your session.